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General Beijing interpretress makes mistake
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A few days ago, beijing of Russia president general interviewed delegacy of elite of American business circles in Sanket. Talk Beijing of very harmonious, general gives extraordinary success, atmosphere American entrepreneur eat fell " sth capable of comforting sb " , acceptance turns Russia into a more advantageous to investor state; And American businessman sends general Beijing a big ring!

Beautiful entrepreneur sends ring general Beijing light up with pleasure

Russia " Muscovite the Youth League member newspaper " write so in the report: "One second before the general Beijing that returns expressional gravity is abrupt the face shows a smile, extend the hand in bag, draw out a huge ring, in the hand playing, next inclined have sth in mind looks to the reporter. There are a such problems it seems that in the eye in the president: Did you see? Nevertheless, not be everybody saw. Not be everybody saw..

"When by replace pocket when medium ring good-bye is bright, the smile on presidential face is more bright, such laugh that belong happy person absolutely! General Beijing president wears ring on the hand, visit reporters quickly again next. This time, everybody saw that thing that setting some kind of stone, and understand: American old entrepreneur sends general Beijing ring. American old entrepreneur sends general Beijing ring..

Interpretress makes mistake general Beijing corrects in time

Achieve complete success for the talk in people when feeling glad, russia part media focuses the central issue on an offensive detail however.

On June 29, russia " Pravda of the Youth League " explode a message, weigh the interpretress that sat beside the president that day, committed actually in the talk not quite not small error, not quite up to the mark destroyed the auspicious momentum that Russia economy grows.

General Beijing president announces to American entrepreneur in interview: Russia economic situation is favorable, gross National Product year growth level achieved 7 % . Nevertheless, after the interpreter that passes female dragoman, this number reduced 5 % ! The English of general Beijing president is fortunately pretty good also, seasonable and moderate land was made correct, still say jokingly: The interpreter always should maintain energy concentration.

It is very normal that presidential interpreter makes mistake

Appear in so fundamental situation the interpreter is wrong, can't help letting people feel anxious for the future of young female dragoman.

The secretary manages the vice director expends Duoluofu to express: This young interpretress is under him leader, although had not looked for her,had talked at present, but can assure, anybody won't be punished accordingly. "Interpreter personnel commits such mouth to make a person naturally vexed by accident, but did not bring serious consequence fortunately. But did not bring serious consequence fortunately..

Feiduoluofu captures this bagatelle to explode to partial media at the same time fry express a regret. He says: General Beijing president is evaluated to the job of interpreters all the time very tall, the manner that treats interpreter staff is very kind also, this may be engaged in a foreign language for a long time with him the job, know among them a lot of and not easy about. Become an interpreter to also differ with the past to leader now, wanted only in the past " repeat what the book says " went, and need breaks away from manuscript now, very difficult safeguard does not give a bit error.
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