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Beauty of · of coke of beautiful allusion · is flushed with drink dew
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The translator that is a success no matter or outstanding interpret judge an expert, must be to be full of two kinds of culture consciousness and perfectness the cultural worker of the real significance of two kinds of concerned languages. Otherwise, be less than to translating a problem to be done forever " those who apply is clever, put of one mind " . About " culture and interpreter " the treatise of the respect is common all the press, all inspire more quite to the person, make the person benefits a lot. But give oneself impression the deepest person, should push Department of Chinese Language and Literature of university of Hong Kong Chinese Mr Huang Weiliang " beauty of · of coke of beautiful allusion · is flushed with drink dew - - - " elegant interpret " informal discussion " one article. Many interpret exemples that mention in Huangwen although reader need not one by one imitated, but a lot of reasons that he discusses an interpreter can be inspired more quite to the person however, concern the relation issue that aesthetic psychology and advertisement translate the masses especially, have insight quite more. Bear Mr Huang assents, after adding Yu Benzhang.
To the interpreter, I have all along of amateurish interest; to do an interpreter only, it is extemporaneous, those who follow a reason. There is one to plant in the interpreter " bushfighting " , 0 star, do not become breadth of spirit, attracted me deeply however, this is proper-noun is medium interpret. Interpreter proper-noun, besides the letter, amount to besides, even elegant. Elegant means is cultured, it is artistic quality.
Letter Da Yazhi of Yan Fu says, I do not close completely according to sheet all along. Believe and amount to necessary of course, elegant an it's hard to say. the Shang Lai body with inflectional charm of elegance of a few natural and graceful, sound (Sonnet) poetry interpret is Chinese, translation nature must be begged elegant; This is elegant person, letter also. The crude character common saying slums of 19 centuries London even corrupt character bawdry, interpret becomes Chinese, translation should seek convention; This common person, Yi Xin also.
Zhang Zhenyu explains Yan Fu so " elegant " : "Beg ` elegant ' , learn at turning over translation especially important. Translator of of people of talent, cherish fails to understand this desire more, every give textual meaning with interpret, already finished sth. Consider at be being begged on the character refiner is little. ... of translation beg the United States, but Hu Zai! ... (see Zhang Zhu " interpret learns generality " , reprinted 1966 this, the 25th page) Zhang place says, represented the view of many people. My view differs somewhat. Textual if be charm of weigh every word, sound clang, so, translator to devoted to textual, translation also must just if portion, phonic charm clang; In that case, "Consider refiner at be being begged on the character " , just devoted to textual just, just believe just. Zhang Zhenyu ever lifted segment of drama of bridge interpret Sha, in order to explain " consider " important. Sha drama " Romeo and Juliet " the 2nd act in the 4th scene, sarcastic old wet nurse is Mercutio meretricious when, those who use is one word of Hare. Textual be such:
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