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Qian Jichen visits the United States interpreter jest is much
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During Qian Jichen of Chinese Vice Prime Minister visits the United States, in not little circumstance, use English as far as possible, with receiving the result that communicates directly, this is a hard job to money really, because English is not his the first foreign language, but money or hammer and tongs, the interpreter is when he tells Chinese hammer and tongs, the result still brought about a lot of jest.

On March 1, qian Jichen of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council interviews Cuba Foreign Minister to expend benefit in Beijing Pei Peileisi Luoke. Translating nature is to be short of one cannot. (Multidimensional company) 30 days of articles that publish Fu Jianzhong point out Chinese times, qian Jichen reachs China your home that day (21 days) , before talk to the State Council and Bao Er and accepting late banquet to feast, preexistence appears together with Ball inside the diplomatic hall of 8 buildings, publish brief conversation severally, the lecture notes with good precondition uses fund namely of English read out, become Chinese by interpreter interpret again. According to the convention of the Communist Party of China, it is to say Chinese first, again interpret becomes English, the course of action of money family name, can saying is its and go instead, make a person impressive, at least but the time that leave out translates, the time that leaves the province is used at having the talk of materiality.

Divide outside studying idea, freedom chats or reply a problem to still need the false person that aid a tongue extemporarily. And a lot of by accident interpret and misunderstanding also are translating the generation in the process. Qian Jichen visits the United States this, in button representing of media of appointment interview United States speaks of the United States selling divine aegis naval vessel gives Taiwan when, among them a problem is: If the United States sells divine aegis to give Taiwan, the Communist Party of China can be opposite Taiwan " launch attack instantly " (An Immediate Attack) of Qian Jichen replying is: " this should inspect a condition and decide " . Because the answer of money is not Yes or No, have the speech of retractility however, the report of associated press explains the possibility that does not exclude charge for money then, because have in the problem " atttack instantly " word, this by interview the State Council senior correspondent " this dozens " (George Gedda) the press release of write, explain further unexpectedly for " do not eliminate anticipate the enemy " (Preemptive Strike) . Actually " atttack instantly " and " anticipate the enemy " no matter be Chinese or English, not be synonymous language, after the event " this dozens " when gentleman and reporter discuss this to cause the telecommunications of a great disturbance, express, in the language of media and money interlocution specific situation falls, " atttack instantly " and " anticipate the enemy " it is to be the same as one and the same, and money says " inspect condition and decide " , implicit " do not eliminate " meaning, if the United States sells divine aegis,as a result covered this piece, the Communist Party of China does not eliminate the number one big news of anticipate the enemy. Say fairly, this sensational the responsibility of report is in reporter, the interpreter's liability is not big. If money does not pass through an interpreter,can be, can reply with English directly, perhaps the thing won't is troubled by so greatly, make two sides chicken flies to the reporters of 3 ground the dog jumps.
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