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Interpreter young lady does not know volleyball
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World cup women's volleyball surpasses an organizing committee to hold a press conference today, because level of interpreter young lady is finite, cuba, Russia and Italian coach express dissatisfaction in succession.

Organizing committee to save expenditure, gave an interpreter company the interpreter tool bag of this sports meet. Had not contacted volleyball in the past as a result of the dragoman of this company, the interpreter rises very demanding. Should pass 3 as a result of the interpreter's program more " filter " , not go out of form also is very difficult. It is with Chinese team exemple, hu Jin tells Chinese first, dark this young lady (it is alone fortunately those who ask) language of interpreter the whole day, the interpreter of congress is translated into English again.

When Fuligeni makes a speech today, the coach of Italian team told a big, have 5 minutes fully. But translate through Japanese and English " filter " later, became " our mentally does not have pressure, other group is more powerful than us, was defeated to also do not have a relation. Was defeated to also do not have a relation..

Italian coach is understood English, the protest on the horse says: "No, no, no (either, either, either) . I had not said those things. " put forward to protest in the news official wool that he discharges couplet to international at once. Mao Li suggests he says again with English, but reach mike happen by chance when the staff member by the side of his mouth when, he pushs lightly mike, refused.

At this moment the coach of the team has been in Russia team and Cuba to exchange funny face each other with the coach of Italian team. The Japanese interpreter young lady of Italian team is made public so the ground " humiliate " , cried almost quickly, on the face red, violet.

Next, the coach Kaerboli of Russia team also said a paragraph of very long word, and differ interpreter of interpreter young lady, grabbing microphone, say downward even. After young lady interpreter comes out, ground of old man continuously shakes his head. Because the young lady says Russia team coach,congratulated Cuba team to acquire the ticket of the Olympic Games above all. This is wrong apparently, because of Cuba the team although 8 battle 8 nimble, but from the back 3 matches had been not hit, theoretic say, had not acquired Olympic Games ticket.

The coach Anthony of Cuba team abstruse after hearing this interpreter, bend over to laugh so that carry not to come at first on the table, only the body twitchs in what can't help. Cuba team still does not have fight hand to hand with Russia team, the train of the other side congratulated him to acquire the ticket of the Olympic Games, this is the thing of how big Jidali. The face that is turn for Russia team coach this time is red, violet.   

Coach of team of good not easy Cuba keeps back laugh, made a serious speech. But 3 two words were left only when the interpreter breaks up. Anthony abstruse listen at the same time, cannot help again at the same time the ground laughed.
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