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Oral interpretation 23 things
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The fifties later period, the secretary-general before British Communist Party Comrade Bolite comes to our country to visit, the primary group that is in Beijing on invitation publishs an address on numerous congress. The place that attend a meeting is in crossover theater, compere is Comrade Peng Zhen. That day, I just performed an operation, get an announcement temporarily, hurry to from the hospital hurriedly when the interpreter.

Speech of Comrade Peng Zhen is stentorian, method is fair, and every tell a paragraph small to stop, very good interpreter. But, comrade Bolite moves toward microphone in applause when, stop suddenly however to say to me: My speech has a habit, must tell at a heat, cannot midway stops. So, in my speech process, ask you to be not interrupted me. " say, he differs I reply, had gone to the front of the stage, eloquent ground is told. My have no alternative, be forced to draw out paper pen to standing to write down, after waiting for him to tell a hour to return a seat, just to handwriting messy fold note to begin an interpreter.

After that conference, more than someone says me " have a good memory " . Actually, when I just was beginning to hold the position of oral interpretation to work, also be the same as a lot of comrades are same, the person that speaks every time has told 3 minutes, can lose his balance, forgetful is not when the interpreter, request speaking person to repeat again and again namely. Accordingly, my that take second place can finish the job constrainedly so, it is anything but have a good memory because of mine, however because of Comrade Tang Sheng (simultaneous interpretation has worked to work in U.N. ) with me other a few oral interpretation teachers are how-to I found the way that enhances memory and method.

Finger strings together pearl week favor to come premier once when fete foreign guest, publish an address extemporarily, by Comrade Ji Chaoding (hold the post of China International commerce to promote committee secretary-general at that time, already died now) interpreter. The premier speaks that to grow quite, and did not resemble usually in that way every tell a paragraph to stop. Is look forward to unavoidable Comrade Chao Ding worries about attendant comrade, think although he uses up force make a note, also hard to avoid can have omit. Unexpectedly he did not use paper and pen at all, and just listen to a premier sedulously to speak, watch the premier's expression and sign. The premier is told a little while, he bends an one finger; Retell a little while, he is bent again remove. Wait for a premier to be told, his left hand holds fist fitly. Next, he does not no hurry unbearably the ground begins an interpreter, interpret is over a paragraph, extend a finger; Translate a paragraph again, extend again, wait for whole interpret to be over, left hand reinstated original state again. In enthusiastic applause, a comrade blurts out the ground to judge exposition and argumentation: "Today's speech and interpreter are the world is first-rate!
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