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The origin of name of 12 months in English
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The Gregorian calendar has 12 months one year, but the antecedents of the English name that many people do not know 12 months. Calendar of ancient Rome of traceable of the Gregorian calendar. Roman English has 10 months only so, ancient Rome emperor decides to increase two months to be put in year end, zhulisi Kaisa is big later the Supreme Being moves these two months to the beginning of the year, become January, Feburary, original January, became in Feburary in March, in April, ordinal analogize. This is today the Gregorian calendar of world continue to use.

January- - January

In Roman fokelore, have a Palladium that is called Yanusi, unripe have early or late two pairs of faces, one pair reviews the past, one pair should look at future. The name that people thinks to choose him serves as except old the name of the first month in and month out that see the New Year in, very significant. English January, evolve by the Latin name January of this Palladium and come.

  February- - in Feburary

Annual at the beginning of Feburary, roman people should kill animal sacrifice to drink, celebrate joyously section of Mu of phenanthrene suddenly Lu. This day, people is commonly used the is called Februa lash that one bull kept for covering, grass makes, lash barren woman, in an attempt to is pregnant parturient. This day, people repents even the fault that oneself go one year, him rinse the soul, get the Rao Shu of deities, make oneself become a chaste person. English Feburary February, it is by Latin Februar-ius (poor namely section of suddenly Lu Mu) evolve and come.

  March---In March

In March, be law of Roman the old Chinese calendar formerly in January, the beginning of New Year. Triumphant after scattering great emperor to reform calendar, original became in January in March, but Roman still begins what regarded as a year in March. Additional, according to traditional habit, march is annual the season of far battle of go out for a battle. To commemorate Ares Maersi, people regards the lunar name March as the Latin name of this Ares. English in March March, evolve by the name of this Ares and come.

April- - in April

Of Rome in April, just about the earth is rejuvenescent. The happiness that bursts at the beginning of the flower is seasonal. English in April April by Latin April (the day that blossoms namely) evolve and come.

May- - in May

The goddess Ma in Roman myth is elegant, special department runs spring and life. To commemorate this goddess, roman uses her name- - Latin Maius names May, english May evolved by the name of this goddess in May and come.

June- - June

The Qiu Nuo in Roman myth, it is the king of thearchy, it is the expression that department canal is borne and protects a woman. Ancient Rome is right she very esteem, dedicated June to her, with her name- - Latin Junius will name in June. English June evolved by the name of this goddess in June and come. Also the scholar thinks, junius may be archaic Latin familial in the surname of a celebrated noble.
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