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World-famous brand interesting interpret
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A lot of world-famous brands result from very common name, interpret must have for Chinese think of opportunely.
If compare sale into a battle, what so successful brand name does not fall like one side is vexillary. International brand is inside global limits sale, should span necessarily a variety of culture obstacles, if Semantic Differential, consumption is used to difference, religion difference,wait.
Must have brand interpret for Chinese think of opportunely.
Because the culture of western country compares likeness, so the brand of certain country is accepted more easily for other country institute. China culture and western culture difference are bigger, accordingly, foreign brand should infiltrate Chinese market, must consider to name a problem cautiously. Of commodity economy phenomenon complex, make the interpreter of western brand name surmounted lingustic concept, and rise to culture psychology and market level of new fixed position.

Mcdonald's: Accumulate contain multilayer meaning,
For instance Mcdonald's, english name is " McDonald ' S " , the possessive that it is merchant person name is formed. Hesperian habit names to the company with surname, resemble edison company, Walter Disney company, Ford company. But the Chinese likes to name to shop with festival, flourishing, lucky, novel vocabulary normally, be like " 100 fill " , " Tian Runfa " , " good will arrange " , " Quan Jude " , " happy event will ascend " . McDonald is a nobody, edison of his be not a patch on, the family is world-famous big scientist, also be inferior to Disney, because Disney was become " cartoon world " pronominal, so if conscientiously ground " McDonald ' S " interpret is become " McDonald's inn " , too insipid, and " Mcdonald's " extraordinary success:

One, withheld original pronunciation roughly;
2, reflected the nature of food inn;
3, contain is worn " should eat wheat to ought to work " educational meaning;
4, style already " in " " foreign " , accord with the Chinese's taste.
Coke Cola: Excellent interpret,
Well-known, "Coke Cola " namely " CocaCola " , but very few however somebody examines minutely: What meaning is that? Original Coca and Cola are name of two kinds of floral, transliteration is coca tree and coke tree, the leaf that coca cultivates and the seed that coke plants are the raw material of this drink, coca is contained inside coca alkaline, also call cocaine (use sometimes do bureau total narcotic, use at eye, nose or throat especially, because its are stimulant,still mix use excitant and extensively do drugs) . So as dry as a chip and drab a bit terrible even name is become by the interpreter unexpectedly " Coke Cola " , be CocaCola company really change decayed for magical. "Coke Cola " the successful place of translated term depends on:

One, those who withheld textual alliterate is resonant pronunciation;
2, abandoned completely textual meaning, make fight of make a psychological attack from the feeling that drinks beverage and advantage however, the method is brillant;
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